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Cancer Freeze vendor booth information:

We always have an interest in vendor/booth spaces at CANCER FREEZE. Here is some information on how we do things.
IF you are an individual or business who has items/products to sell, there is no charge to set-up HOWEVER you agree to donate 100% of your profit made from your sales to Cancer Freeze. This amount is after you have deducted your expenses (ex: materials/supplies on items sold on this day only!) We are a charity event trying our best to raise funds for our chosen February recipients as well as those God brings to us during the year privately. We can provide
you with a donation receipt for your tax purposes.
Display items, handouts, giveaways, etc. NO SELLING IS ALLOWED if you choose this option. We ask for you to consider making a donation to Cancer Freeze.
We appreciate the fact that Cancer Freeze has grown to the point that it draws thousands of people every year. We understand that during the election cycle, those seeking public office have a desire to utilize the crowds to grip and grin, gather signatures, etc. In the past, we have had zero issue with any of the above because we do recognize it is a public event, and we do our best to accommodate anyone who attends, so long as it doesn’t detract from Cancer Freeze. Please remember, this is a community fundraising event. This is not the place to hold your stump speech. As long as you contact us prior to the event, you will be welcome. As long as you are respectful of Cancer Freeze, our mission, and the attendees, you will continue to be welcome. (Follow same rules as a marketing booth)
You may direct your interest/questions to jenniferhdavidson@yahoo.com or message us on Facebook. If you are interested in setting up a table/booth space, please message me NOW so I can send you a form. You MUST BE APPROVED! Also we reserve the right to confirm/allow vendors/marketing booths. This does not automatically confirm your registration. *DEADLINE for booth registration/approval January 31st.
‼️DO NOT SHOW UP AT CANCER FREEZE EXPECTING ME TO GIVE YOU A SPACE IF YOU HAVE NOT CONTACTED ME PRIOR TO EVENT. I HAVE A LIST OF APPROVED VENDORS AND IF YOU ARE NOT ON IT, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SET UP! Also-this does not give you the right to walk around and giveaway/promote or sell your product UNLESS proceeds benefit Cancer Freeze. As a courtesy we would like to be informed prior to day of event IF you plan to participate in any way at CF 2024.
I will post a list soon of those coming.
❤️Please, we understand everyone is not able to agree to these terms. Please also respect us in our decision to do it this way. We also have a raffle/auction that will take place inside the Rodney J. Evans building the day of CF, that if you would like to donate your item/product to instead, we would greatly appreciate that as well. Thank you and God bless!❤️

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