Cancer Freeze was born from a conversation between Caleb Davidson and Brad Norris in November 2006. They were working on a construction site on Panama City Beach, and the conversation began about how cold it was and how cold the Gulf waters must be. Caleb asked Brad how much money it would take for him jump in the water. He replied that he had paid to water-ski in cold water before. Huh? PAID for a cold dip? Yes, indeed… Brad had been a participant in a fundraising event held in Tennessee one January.

Caleb had been trying to think of a way to raise money for the American Cancer Society since losing both his uncle and grandfather to cancer. This conversation sparked the idea, and later that day, he called the American Cancer Society and began planning the 1st Annual Cancer Freeze. On January 27, 2007 the first Cancer Freeze event was held at Lake Jackson and raised $1,000. There were more than 20 participants in the water that year. The next year, Cancer Freeze was moved to the 1st Saturday in February and raised $1,500.

Beginning year 3 in 2009, Caleb felt God leading him to do Cancer Freeze for an individual. God led him straight to a beautiful little girl named Julie who had cancer in her eye. That year we raised $10,000 and knew that this is what God wanted Cancer Freeze to be about. Again in year 6 God led us to not 1 individual to sponsor but 3. In years 2012 and 2013 Cancer Freeze raised and blessed 6 individuals with a total of $54,000. In 2014 there were 9 recipients of $6000 each, then in 2015 there were 7 who were given $7000 each, and finally in 2016, we had 5 who received $7500 each. We are so thankful to be able to help so many in such an awesome way!

Cancer Freeze is possible due to the large amount of volunteers that donate their time, energy, food, boats, and equipment.
se donations make it possible for the money raised to go directly to CF recipients. We appreciate all those who help make this annual event a success.


2023: Elliot Hamm, PJ Key, Dylan Key, Jessica Gentry, Mionni Daniels, Curtis Mitchell, Correy Bozeman, Sabrina Carmichael, Dakota Adams ~ $85,500 ($9,500 each)

2022: Farah Presley, Heather Bryan, Jason Campbell, Carlana Martineck, Madysun Teal, Jeffrey Brown, Melanie Freeman, Devan Meeks ~ $76.000  ($9,500 each)

2021: Ashlyn Lancer, Carolyn Munhollen, Cindy Bumgardner, Peyton Boyette ~ $38,000 ($9,500 each)

2020: Tabitha Inabnet, Joni Dalen, Natoya Pitts, Erin Jackson, Catherine Mitchell, Karen Jackson, ~ $57,000 ($9,500 each)

2019: Jaylen Burnice, Andrea Delgadillo, Kimberly Sasser,
Dee Brundidge, Brandy Baggett, Christy Brunson ~ $57,000 ($9,500 each)

2018: Amy Kay Joyner, Abigail Bowen, Jackson Conway, Tammy Prescott, Jake Taylor, Isyss Couch ~ $51,000 (8,500 each)

2017: Robin Spurlin, Kevin Crawford, Chris Bowden, Yan Negron, Lilly Matt, Heather Odom ~ $48,000 ($8,000 each)

2016: Brandy Barger, Marie Thames, Kellen FIndley, Jeffery Biggs, Suzanne Grissett ~ 37,500 ($7,500 each)

2015: Gordie Cartwright, Bryan Leavins, Bailey Miller, Kylee Parrish, Randy Morgan, Krystal Newhouse, Justin  Copeland ~ $49,000 ($7,000 each)

2014: Rylan Pettie, Glenn Morris, Sheryl Evans, Stacey Leddon, Richard Barnes, Megan Kelley, Bailey Byrd, Kennedy Cleghorn, Robert Williamson ~ $54,000 ($6,000 each)

2013:  Kaleb Jones, Dee Ladd, Megan Landreth ~ $27,000 ($9,000 each)

2012:  Ayla Powers, Mike Harrison, Cooper Sasser ~ $27,000 ($9,000 each)

2011:  Joy Burgans ~ $8,000

2010:  Caitie Rhodes  ~ $5,000

2009:  Julie Layton Bryan  ~ $10,000

2008:  Florala Relay for Life  ~ $1,500

2007:  The American Cancer Society ~ $1,000